问题描述 原始字符串为 mcinventoryv4er9ll1!ss,使用如下方式在命令行直接编码 echo 'mcinventoryv4er9ll1!ss' | base64 得到的结果是 bWNpbnZlbnRvcnl2NGVyOWxsMSFzcwo= 而正确的编码结果应该是 bWNpbnZlbnRvcnl2NGVyOWxsMSFzcw== 问题原因 经过尝试,可能是由于字符串末尾不可见的换行字符造成的问题。也是因为不同版本 echo 的实现造成的。 解决方法 直接在命令行编码的时候,使用 echo -n 'mcinventoryv4er9ll1!ss' | base64 即可得到正确的编码结果。 或者使用 printf 'mcinventoryv4er9ll1!ss' | base64 即可得到正确的编码结果。 另外,在这篇文章中,还提到了各种 shell 背后的引用会造成的其他问题。 因此建议使用行为更加稳定的 printf 来进行字符串的编码操作。

Find the Topless Photo

So, Heath Adam (aka. The Cyber Mentor) is going topless. This is a game. He hides his topless photo some where in the internet, and we have to find it. He gave the first clue, which is a sound wave, here is the link. By listenning to it, I know it was a morse code….

Active Directory 101 – LDAP

Basicly speaking, LDAP is a network protocol that can be used to talk to Active Directory. In Windows Servers, LDAP can be integrated as a feature along side AD, to add authentication/authorization scalability to the entire system. It’s so big a topic, I won’t write about it. Here are some good references to read about…

Active Directory 101 – LLMNR

Table of Contents The Concept LLMNR Related Attacks LLMNR/NBT-NS Poisoning Responder How It Works – The Source Code Initialization Servers Folder The Main Function Check By Doing Analyze Network Traffic What If I Turn Off the MDNS Poisoner? Conclusion References This is the first article of my Active Directory Series. I’ll be reading…

Inside Metasploit – Write a Simple Exploit Module

Table of Contents The Intention Place to Start The Template Be Creative The Prototype The Real Request Next Steps References The really interesting thing begins right here right now. I am going to dig into metasploit, and try to write a simple metasploit module from scratch. The Intention The intention of doing this is to…