Brand New Journey

Here It Goes

I’ve finally decided to found my own company. All information has been filed, just waiting for the result.

As usual, this article logs the big events of my company.

Happy hacking!

Big Events

Log 09-10-2021

Paid the bill to the company who will handle all the registration and bank account issues. Just waiting for results.

Just going through some details with the staff from ZhongGangXing, the original name I picked cannot be used because it contains some industry key word, so I settled with “蔚蓝之心”, seems good.

Log 10-10-2021

I’ve signed a Commitment file, my company “杭州蔚蓝之心科技有限公司” is now under review by the bureau.

Log 14-12-2021

Everything’s done. The company is up and running. I have to dig into some other things like taxing and employee insurance. So far so good.